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Takumi and Briseis

Ai anata no aoi me
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A Japanese interracial love story

Ishikawa Takumi is a well behaved student and son wanting more out of his life in Kyoto Japan. After moving to busy Tokyo, he searches for something new and finds it in the woman lives in the apartment building right across from his. After seeing her, he can't help but want more and more of her as if she is a drug that he can't get away from despite his uptight parents wishes. She is his addiction.

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Blue eyed Briseis Kennedy is trying to live a life she always dreamed of abroad. A part time student and shop worker, Briseis struggles to be one of the few African-American women living in the tiny country of Japan, trying to see what the perks of living there really is. Little does she know that she is more important in somebody's eyes than she might realize.

Whole Name: Briseis Melisenda Kennedy
Age: 24
Hometown: Dallas, TX